Trade Only Number

Customer Focus Number

What is it, and how do you get one?

Customer Focus (formerly Trade Only) promotes and actively encourages the widely acknowledged and internationally favoured promotional product industry supply chain, whereby suppliers and manufacturers sell products and services to distributors to re-sell to end user customers.

The Customer Focus Number is a natural extension of these safeguards; distributors and suppliers with a Customer Focus Number have met our strict criteria (detailed below), which in turn means that they can do business with fellow verified suppliers and distributors with confidence.

It's a stamp of credibility which enables smoother transactions and a working relationship based on trust and integrity.

  • Distributors and suppliers do not need to be customers of Customer Focus to benefit from a Customer Focus Number
  • This is an industry wide initiative to help business growth, and is not for commercial gain.
  • The Customer Focus Number is FREE to all qualifying distributors and suppliers.



Qualification Criteria for Distributors


  • Must be a reseller of promotional products and / or corporate clothing
  • Must have a track record of legitimate business practices
  • Must be committed to preserving the supplier > distributor > end user sales channel
  • Customer Focus Number for verified distributors is SIX DIGITS beginning with a 9, e.g. 912345


Trade Only Verified Distributor

Qualification Criteria for Suppliers


  • All verified suppliers must have a clear trade pricing policy which will provide a suitable profit margin advantage to distributors to enable them to re-sell products without competition from the supplier
  • Suppliers who offer products to end users as well as through the distributor network must protect the distributor's interests and must not knowingly contact distributors' customers
  • Customer Focus Number for verified suppliers is FIVE DIGITS beginning with an 8, e.g. 81234


Trade Only Verified Suppliers

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