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Terms & Conditions

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Guaranteed Pricing for Products Sourced via Customer Focus

Since 1st February 2010, Customer Focus has guaranteed the accuracy of pricing information on in our product resarch database, ensuring that distributors can raise quotes with complete confidence. In the event that an order based on data from the Customer Focus database cannot be fulfilled at the price quoted on the website, Customer Focus pledge to either refund the difference, or source the product at the listed price.

Please familiarise yourself with the below Terms & Conditions of this guarantee.

Terms & Conditions

In order to qualify for Guaranteed Pricing:

  • The distributor has to have generated a quote on uk.customerfocus.com and/or downloaded the quote to Customer Focus Enterprise
  • The quote must be less than 30 days old
  • The product must have been updated within the last 12 months
  • The distributor must have generated a purchase order to the supplier
  • The distributor must have to attempted to negotiate with the supplier
  • The distributor must notify Customer Focus within 48 hours with a copy of the quote and the supplier’s response
  • Customer Focus reserve the right to attempt to source the product from alternative supplier(s)
  • Only available to Customer Focus Ultimate users, Spectrum Catalogue users, and/or Customer Focus Enterprise users
  • If you have the full data feed upgrade on your Customer Focus website, and you receive a quote request from your Customer Focus website, the same Conditions apply.
  • Where market conditions force increased prices - such as the dramatic increase in the price of cotton in Winter 2010/11 - pricing may be altered by the supplier without notification.

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