Presentations & Quotes

Presentations and Quotes

Win more orders with fast and professional presentations


Stand Out With Fully Branded Presentation Which Show You Care

When you're suggesting products for a client's campaign, a presentation is the best way to get your ideas across. Show multiple quantity breaks to encourage higher value orders.

You can choose to include a stylish cover sheet, and organize how product information is displayed with easy check box and drag 'n' drop customisation. Then simply email straight from the enquiry management area to your client's inbox!

Professional Presentations from Customer Focus
Instant Enquiries from your distributor website

Receive Enquiries From Your Website And Company Stores

Receive Enquiries From Your Website And Company Stores

When someone submits an enquiry via your website or company store, an account, contact record and quote is automatically created in your enquiry management system. That means in order to progress the enquiry, you simply need to complete and send the quote.

It's quick, efficient and professional - and will help you convert more quotes to orders.