Personalised Distributor Websites

Beautifully designed websites which will wow your customers.


Flexible Templates To Reflect Your Brand

94% of people cite design as a reason they don't trust certain websites*; they can tell the difference between a cookie cutter website that you've never customized, and a regularly updated, unique website which reflects your corporate branding.

With Customer Focus Basic, you have four customisable design templates to choose from, so you can have the look of a bespoke site without the cost. See our distributor website template options here


Easy to Edit Distributor Websites

Easy To Add, Edit and Publish

Content on Customer Focus websites is organised into modules, which can be dragged 'n' dropped into any location. Simply add content to a module and it'll be available for you to place on any page of your website.

The most flexible is the Text / HTML module, which can be used for text, graphics, movies, and embedding code from other websites such as Twitter or Constant Contact.


Effortless Drag 'n' Drop Content Management

The thought of managing your own website can be quite daunting. What if you could manage your entire website with a click of a mouse? With Basic, you can.

Want your side bar navigation to the right? Just move it over. Want it on the top as well? Just add the module to the header.  This really is how easy it is. You don't need to know anything about website design to manage a Basic website. View website examples here.